Browser notifications

We take our mission to help you find your products very seriously and always wonder what we could add to give your more chances. Our email notifications have been working great and are blazing fast, but sometimes you just want more options.

So today, we’re introducing a new feature in beta: browser notifications.

What’s that ? A simple page that will display all your current monitored products and stores and play a sound if anything becomes available.


  • This is brand new and still experimental. Please report any issues.
  • The “Test” button will allow you to check if your browser is compatible. Check your volume and turn off your speaker.
  • You must be registered and set-up notifications for this page to work
  • Works on all products and all stores.
  • Tested in latest Safari, Chrome and Firefox. The refresh seems to be delayed in Firefox, so we’d recommend using Safari or Chrome.
  • Not expected to be used on mobile.
  • Works if the tab is inactive (in background), not if minimised.
  • If your computer goes to sleep, it will stop.
  • Refreshing will never stop as long as the page is open.
  • The sound will be played at every refresh, so if you just went away from your computer and comes back, and will still be alerting you (if anything is still available).

Still here? Let’s have a look.

Browser Notifications



  • Loading the page will instantly launch the monitoring.
  • You may use the “On / Off” switch to pause the refreshing.
  • You may choose between 2 sounds: a classic notification sound or a spoken “i Stock Now”.
  • If anything becomes available, sound will play and you’ll see the store in the according product section. Direct buying links will be here to help you reach the site asap.
  • A personalised events history is also displayed. It’s based only on your notifications and display the last 4 hours events.

We had a lot of fun building this tool and really hope you’ll appreciate it. This is a first version that we’ll surely upgrade in the future.

Ongoing AirPods refill in US Apple Stores

Following a long drought, AirPods started showing up this morning in Apple Stores.

AirPods showing up for pick-up in Apple Store

Happening mostly on the east coast, and only a few stores have been hit, but there’s probably more to come. It’s likely to spread in the whole country in the next hours.

As you can expect they sell out very fast, if you missed one pick-up, we’d recommend to visit an Apple Store as pick-up and store inventory are different, they still may have something for you (or not). You may even visit a store before any notification is sent.

AirPods showing up for pick-up.

AirPods showing up for pick-up.

Also keep in mind:

  • If you’re not in town, or can’t visit the store today, Apple Stores are keeping your purchase for days. You get notified if you wait too long.
  • Have your Apple account ready for purchase, credit card, address etc. Having to type in your card number could delay your checkout and increase chances the product is sold out when you’re ready.
  • If you don’t have any Apple Store around, you may sign-up for Target stores notifications. Stock has been very rare, but who knows, it may pop in a store close to you.


AirPods launch from a stock perspective

It’s now just over one month since the AirPods launch, and it’s definitely a huge success.

At this occasion, we explored our data. Keep in mind that whatever we found out can be proven wrong at any moment and that’s still only based on pick-up availability which doesn’t reflect the global reality (especially online orders).

Here are our findings:

  • In most countries stock AirPods sell out instantly. Only Canada and France could hold for hours.
  • US had 4 refill waves since launch, all sold out instantly. We couldn’t find more than 13 US stores with pick-up available at the same time.
  • US refills usually happen mid-week (on Wednesdays and Thursdays). No trend on weekdays has been spotted in Europe.
  • We noticed a pattern where US replenishments would be first on sale at Verizon Online Shop, than ATT and finally landed in Apple Stores. It happened at least 3 times. And started again this sunday with Verizon, ATT followed but finally the retail stock headed to Australia. Australia had the longest no stock streak without any refill since the initial Christmas launch.
  • At launch, delay quickly went to 6 weeks which is now, may be the reason why we didn’t have deliveries in retail stores this week.
  • Refills tend to be global, at least for North America and Europe: it doesn’t happen the same day but when stock shows up somewhere it will likely show up in other countries.
  • In Europe, it will aways start North (UK, NL and Paris) then expand South (Spain and Italy).

AirPods Trend US

  • During this period, we also witnessed a Canadian exception. For a few days, most Canadian stores had stock. Remember when Canada had all those green marks in the first days of January ?

AirPods Trend Canada

  • Last thing, we explored US notifications and sorted them by state. Without surprise, California and New York top the list. The Top 10 states count for 75% of all notifications. At stores level, 7 stores out of the top 10 are NY based.

AirPods US State

B&H Photo Video now under the radar.

bhphotovideo logo

Our latest option to nail the AirPods has just been added: BH Photo Video is now monitored with notifications.

If you already registered with notifications for Apple Online, our (now famous) VIP service took care of everything. Otherwise, you may select it when creating an alert.

Target retail stores stock checking and notifications

We’re proud to release a major update this morning introducing 3000+ Target retail stores!

Target retail are currently enabled for AirPods and will may be extended to other products in the near future.


Despite our best efforts, a store may not have a product for sale even with a positive on iStockNow and Target website.

Due to the huge number of stores we add to find a smart implementation that won’t hamper your experience.

  • Target Stores with positive stock on your current search will automatically show up.
Target stores with positive stock.

Target stores with positive stock.

  • If you choose to display all stores (with and without stock), you’ll have to zoom-in and all Target stores will automatically appear.
Zoom-in to see all Target stores

Zoom-in to see all Target stores

The notification creation pane has also been updated to separate Apple and Target stores. A new option to select all stores based on type is also available.

Get started now: (A full tutorial on setting up notifications can be found here)

Let us know if any glitch in the comments, contact page or Twitter.

AirPods: New UK stores

New options are now available in UK for AirPods stock checking!

UK Online Stock checking

We’re glad to introduce:

  • Carphone Warehouse
  • Currys
  • John Lewis

Argos has been skipped for now as AirPods are constantly available without information is given on delays.

Let us know in the comments if you want more, we’ll do our best!

AirPods: Target Online stock checking

Target Online is now a new option for US Online stock checking.

Target Logo

The following stores are now available in North America:

  • Apple Store Retail and Online
  • BestBuy Online US & Canada
  • Verizon Online
  • ATT Online
  • Target Online (retail is coming!)

All are available for AirPods and will be extended for other products.

Would you like other retailers to be added?

Time travelling and stock history

We’re now allowing you to know where and when products have been available in the past.

On the iStockNow live map, new options appeared for ‘Time Travelling’ the stock history.

Using the left pane, you have 3 options :

  • Now will display the current stock.
  • Last 24h will display the last 24 hours stock
  • Last 7 days will display the last 7 days stock.

The map colors will turn monochrome and you can see where a product has been available.

AirPods 7 days stock history in USA

AirPods 7 days stock history in USA


As an addition, in the Store information pane, you’ll see the stock activity on each tab.

Apple WTC AirPods Stock History

Apple WTC AirPods Stock History

The Store Activity table will tell you when a product has been available and for how long.

Feel free to leave a comment requesting more periods, like 14 days or 30 days.