It’s now just over one month since the AirPods launch, and it’s definitely a huge success.

At this occasion, we explored our data. Keep in mind that whatever we found out can be proven wrong at any moment and that’s still only based on pick-up availability which doesn’t reflect the global reality (especially online orders).

Here are our findings:

  • In most countries stock AirPods sell out instantly. Only Canada and France could hold for hours.
  • US had 4 refill waves since launch, all sold out instantly. We couldn’t find more than 13 US stores with pick-up available at the same time.
  • US refills usually happen mid-week (on Wednesdays and Thursdays). No trend on weekdays has been spotted in Europe.
  • We noticed a pattern where US replenishments would be first on sale at Verizon Online Shop, than ATT and finally landed in Apple Stores. It happened at least 3 times. And started again this sunday with Verizon, ATT followed but finally the retail stock headed to Australia. Australia had the longest no stock streak without any refill since the initial Christmas launch.
  • At launch, delay quickly went to 6 weeks which is now, may be the reason why we didn’t have deliveries in retail stores this week.
  • Refills tend to be global, at least for North America and Europe: it doesn’t happen the same day but when stock shows up somewhere it will likely show up in other countries.
  • In Europe, it will aways start North (UK, NL and Paris) then expand South (Spain and Italy).

AirPods Trend US

  • During this period, we also witnessed a Canadian exception. For a few days, most Canadian stores had stock. Remember when Canada had all those green marks in the first days of January ?

AirPods Trend Canada

  • Last thing, we explored US notifications and sorted them by state. Without surprise, California and New York top the list. The Top 10 states count for 75% of all notifications. At stores level, 7 stores out of the top 10 are NY based.

AirPods US State

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