We take our mission to help you find your products very seriously and always wonder what we could add to give your more chances. Our email notifications have been working great and are blazing fast, but sometimes you just want more options.

So today, we’re introducing a new feature in beta: browser notifications.

What’s that ? A simple page that will display all your current monitored products and stores and play a sound if anything becomes available.


  • This is brand new and still experimental. Please report any issues.
  • The “Test” button will allow you to check if your browser is compatible. Check your volume and turn off your speaker.
  • You must be registered and set-up notifications for this page to work
  • Works on all products and all stores.
  • Tested in latest Safari, Chrome and Firefox. The refresh seems to be delayed in Firefox, so we’d recommend using Safari or Chrome.
  • Not expected to be used on mobile.
  • Works if the tab is inactive (in background), not if minimised.
  • If your computer goes to sleep, it will stop.
  • Refreshing will never stop as long as the page is open.
  • The sound will be played at every refresh, so if you just went away from your computer and comes back, and will still be alerting you (if anything is still available).

Still here? Let’s have a look.

Browser Notifications



  • Loading the page will instantly launch the monitoring.
  • You may use the “On / Off” switch to pause the refreshing.
  • You may choose between 2 sounds: a classic notification sound or a spoken “i Stock Now”.
  • If anything becomes available, sound will play and you’ll see the store in the according product section. Direct buying links will be here to help you reach the site asap.
  • A personalised events history is also displayed. It’s based only on your notifications and display the last 4 hours events.

We had a lot of fun building this tool and really hope you’ll appreciate it. This is a first version that we’ll surely upgrade in the future.

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