Following a long drought, AirPods started showing up this morning in Apple Stores.

AirPods showing up for pick-up in Apple Store

Happening mostly on the east coast, and only a few stores have been hit, but there’s probably more to come. It’s likely to spread in the whole country in the next hours.

As you can expect they sell out very fast, if you missed one pick-up, we’d recommend to visit an Apple Store as pick-up and store inventory are different, they still may have something for you (or not). You may even visit a store before any notification is sent.

AirPods showing up for pick-up.

AirPods showing up for pick-up.

Also keep in mind:

  • If you’re not in town, or can’t visit the store today, Apple Stores are keeping your purchase for days. You get notified if you wait too long.
  • Have your Apple account ready for purchase, credit card, address etc. Having to type in your card number could delay your checkout and increase chances the product is sold out when you’re ready.
  • If you don’t have any Apple Store around, you may sign-up for Target stores notifications. Stock has been very rare, but who knows, it may pop in a store close to you.


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