We’re proud to release a major update this morning introducing 3000+ Target retail stores!

Target retail are currently enabled for AirPods and will may be extended to other products in the near future.


Despite our best efforts, a store may not have a product for sale even with a positive on iStockNow and Target website.

Due to the huge number of stores we add to find a smart implementation that won’t hamper your experience.

  • Target Stores with positive stock on your current search will automatically show up.
Target stores with positive stock.

Target stores with positive stock.

  • If you choose to display all stores (with and without stock), you’ll have to zoom-in and all Target stores will automatically appear.
Zoom-in to see all Target stores

Zoom-in to see all Target stores

The notification creation pane has also been updated to separate Apple and Target stores. A new option to select all stores based on type is also available.

Get started now: http://www.istocknow.com/live/ (A full tutorial on setting up notifications can be found here)

Let us know if any glitch in the comments, contact page or Twitter.

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